Sometimes good things happen suddenly.

It was New Year's eve evening 2003 when I began to think about all the people contemplating ending their life that very night.

As a person who has also experienced a dark night of the soul, I understood how a crisis, circumstance or depression could wear a person to a state of hopelessness. I understood how easy it was to give into the lie of, 'no hope.' You see, it's only by the grace of God that I survived my dark night to live a life of joy. See my story.

One thing I learned from my experience is that sometimes all it takes to survive a dark night, month or year is a little hope and encouragement as well as a fresh perspective of God's love. That's when I decided to hook up my interactive website, GodTest.com, with the suicidal lanes of the Internet.

That night I was thrilled when 20 people came to Christ. By Monday morning 100 people had escaped suicide and found faith. Two weeks later, I knew my site was here to stay with over 12,000 hits and 2000 souls coming to faith.

I soon added the suicide helps, the letters, Bible study as well as our popular feature Ten Days of Encouragementto the site. The conversion rate doubled and even depressed believers found help. One depressed pastor wrote, "Thank you. This was the worst ministry day of my life. Your site helped me feel better."

A dad of a disabled child wrote, "You saved two lives tonight. You see, I was going to kill both myself and my child, but your story has encouraged me. The two of us will live."

Since that new year's eve, we have prevented thousands of suicides and have seen over half a million people come to faith, plus we have helped millions find the encouragement they need,, all that despite the fact that our previous site was one of the ugliest websites in the world. ; )

With our new design, we are hoping to both encourage and to attract even more people to hope in Christ.

As the president of a tiny nonprofit, Right to the Heart, we are delighted to have helped and encouraged so many.

We are also so glad that you dropped by and hope that you have rediscovered God's love as well as hope for your life. Be encouraged friend! The only reason we are here is because we care.

With Love,

P.S. If you've been helped by this site, or if you want to contribute to the memory of someone who took their life, know that we are a nonprofit. To cut costs, I volunteer my time, but we still have staff and Internet expenses. Click HERE to help. God bless!