Dear Friend,

Here's what some of our guest told us:

Thirteen-year-old Brittany wrote, “Thank you for explaining God to me. I prayed tonight and asked for forgiveness of sins. I’m so excited; I gave my life to Jesus!”

Fourteen year old Will writes, “I get taunted at school and decided life was not worth living. But tonight I prayed and gave my life to God.”

Eleven-year-old Tiffany wrote. “I told my dad I wanted to kill myself but he didn’t believe me. Will you believe me? I just prayed and asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins.

God bless you and thank you once again for what you do for me every day. I am not exagerating when I say you have very likely saved my life.I found your site while searching suicide hotline
pages. Since then I look forward to reading from you daily. I pray that God blesses you for all you are doing and blesses you again for what you have done JUST for me.Never become discouraged with
what you are doing, please.I know that a vast majority of people will gladly accept what you do for them and even be grateful but never say a word in thanks.I am like that to at times and I try not to. On behalf of all of us. -- Carl


Thank you so much for sending Ten Days of Encouragement to to me. They are wonderful:) Today's really spoke to me since I have found myself living by my own strength today. I need to let God give me the strength I need:)-- Erika


Jerry - I've been having a very difficult time, trying to recover my marriage after I had discovered that my wife had been having an affair. I had been failing to realize how at one time I had the lord in my heart as my savior but over a long period of years how much I had drifted away from him.  Your encouraging emails and web site have helped me regain some inner strength that I didn't think I had in me.  It truly has been a blessing.


I thanks God for the encouring from the letters from you Linda,you shall know what I mean I hope.I am very and very.....happy with te mails because i need God so much as possible. My life is my often much to heavy, that is why I am have some hope now. I read over and often the letters that ten days. - Anne


These messages have literally got me through and out of the pit Hell. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am so glad to be alive today. - Leslie

thanks for your support. you have given me  my strength back ,i know now that somebody is praying with me ,that means a lot to me . i am  now at peace  with myself and overwelmed by the peace of God - Lebo


I am on this web site cause I was looking up how to kill myself and I saw your site on that page. I am very angry right now listening to your site is really helping me calm down right now. - Jennifer


Your messages affirming life and God's work with all of us reinforces what I already know. But it's so good to hear it repeated because there are probably  a lot of people. like myself, who have screwed things up so badly and been defeated so often, both fairly and unfairly, that suicide seems like an option. Please keep up your noble work. - John


It is I who thank you for listening to God and placing your web site in the right place at the right time. And I thank God for asking you to fulfill such a great purpose. The following one thing that you said in your letters stood out above the rest, " I find that those who are most discouraged are those with the greatest pupose."

I'm so glad I waited on God. Yes, I've had tough times, but He has turned
them into good." - Tim


You have helped me so much to stay focused on Gods work and I thank you for the encouragement. - Kathleen


 I want to thank you so much for my ten days of encouragement from above.  During those first terrible days after Mom parted I would look forward every day for my e-mail from God.  You were  a truly blessing of comfort.....not only for me ,but for my sister as well, they too felt a tremendous lose.  Continue with you efforts...... !  I will some day see Mom again.  She now lives with the man she served all her life Jesus Christ.  God Bless You ....and all those that play a role with this mission of hope & comfort.- Ms. Pino


Thanks a lot for your spiritual advice; I read them over and over again until I starting sobbing in the café. Your words touched me and starting wondering, this lady does not know me and she is more concerned about my problems with various scriptural references.

Tears started to roll down my cheeks and other people started observing me intently. I walk outside and started crying.  You saved me but my problems are still there, at least my emotional stress is now reduced.  

    Actually my losses are from the devil and I don’t know why? Please keep praying for me daily.  I have already told my wife and kids about your organization and my aborted plans. -   Peter


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